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If it rains on your wedding day...

What can you do if it rains on your WEDDING DAY?

First of all, if it rains on your wedding day, is good luck! It's a sign of cleansing and fertility,

But now, what to do if that happens?

Many couples dread the thought of rain on their wedding day, with visions of damp dresses, muddy venues, and chilly guests becoming a focus on the run-up to the big day. And even if you’re having a Summer wedding then the chances of rain are always likely, so we have put together some advice for rain on a wedding day; rainy wedding tips.

1 - Have a wet weather plan.

2 -Hire some beautiful umbrellas, just in case.

3 - Don’t panic!

4- Enjoy it!

5- The pictures will be epic.

6 - Get a Wedding Planner, she will take care of every detail. :)

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