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We have outlined the 2024 wedding trends that we are noticing and that you may want to incorporate into your own wedding plans.

THEMED DRESS CODE One delightful trend we are noticing more frequently is couples providing a specific theme or color palette for guests to adhere to when dressing for the event. While some may find this directive daunting, we believe it actually simplifies the process of selecting an outfit. Clear guidance on attire eliminates the ambiguity of vague terms like "formal" and allows guests to confidently choose an ensemble that fits the occasion. The collective effort in adhering to a theme or color scheme can truly enhance the visual appeal of the event, creating a harmonious and cohesive aesthetic that shines through in photographs.

In terms of entertainment, we’re seeing a rise in interactive experiences such as photo booths, DIY cocktail stations, and live performers. Couples are looking for ways to engage their guests and create unique moments that they’ll remember for years to come.

Food displays are also becoming more extravagant, with couples opting for grazing tables, food trucks, and interactive food stations.

The focus is on creating a visually appealing and interactive dining experience that goes beyond the typical plated meal.

Overall, the trend we’re seeing is a move towards curated, visually stunning elements that create a sense of wonder and excitement for guests. Couples are looking to create a memorable experience that reflects their personal style and leaves a lasting impression on their loved ones.

Intimate weddings have become increasingly popular, with many couples now opting for a small or no wedding party. Gone are the days of giant bridal parties, as more and more couples choose to have just a maid of honor and best man, or no wedding party at all. This allows for a more intimate and focused ceremony that truly celebrates the couple and their love. While there may be fewer people involved in the wedding day festivities, it doesn't mean that the celebration can't be just as fun and memorable with close friends by your side.

PROMOTING LOCALITY AND SUSTAINABILITY Couples have shown a strong preference for working with local vendors and incorporating sustainable practices into their wedding day. From composting and virtual invitations to minimizing waste through thoughtful decor choices, couples are embracing the concept of a sustainable wedding.

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